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Stress versus weight loss?


What connection does stress have with how we manage our weight?

In my work I have very often spoken to people who say they have struggled with their weight….some say that at times they have definitely been full of motivation, started exercising and decided on the newest diet regime that was going to work for them, here comes the beachbody look!!!! Of course sometimes this would be successful and they'd lose weight and feel fitter finally getting back into those jeans…..but eventually they'd have a drop off, begin to think more about chips or bread or cake etc. and before we know building myself excuses not to exercise, or saying to ourselves 'just one slice of cake won't hurt' and hey presto back to where we started or even a little heavier.

Of course, there are also sometimes when despite their best efforts people don't seem to lose any weight and that can generate the biggest hit of 'what's the point', and back comes the snacking, crisps, desserts etc.

We can begin to understand what's going on to cause this when we examine what's happening when life gets busy, and stress begins to build. When our levels of anxiety builds we produce more adrenaline and stress hormones, particularly cortisol. The interesting thing about cortisol is that it can affect our appetite causing us to eat more.

So we can begin to see there is a definite connection between busy lives, causing stress, to our ability to eat responsibly.

The more our anxiety and stress builds the more we can become influenced by our negative, primitive mind, which can cause us to feel demotivated, and be hard on ourselves, expecting to fail.

So what can we do????? Now that we understand the connection between stress and anxiety to weight gain then it makes sense to find new ways of reducing that stress and anxiety, in whatever way works for you. I like to think of the 3 P's to help us in that:-

Positive Interaction, because we are a communal animal and operated better when connecting with others in a positive way than we do as individuals, working together with others for a common purpose perhaps?

Positive thoughts, our brains love images, positive images and thoughts give us motivation and sets out clearly the goals we want to achieve, finding ways to maintain and reinforce those positive thoughts can be key.

Positive Activity, taking exercise or increasing exercise is obviously of great benefit, nothing ground breaking in that I hear you cry. But, taking positive action towards your goals can be slightly different. Perhaps finding ways to relax and de-stress or developing ways to cope with life and build self-confidence will help us to get fitter and lose weight.

Solution focused hypnotherapy works tremendously to help with the process of weight loss making permanent sustained change by helping reduce stress and anxiety in our lives, allowing us to operate within our rational, problem solving and creative intellectual mind. We can then build on promoting positive behaviours.....

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