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Stress versus weight loss?

​What connection does stress have with how we manage our weight?In my work I have very often spoken to people who say they have struggled with their weight….some say that at times they have definitely been full of motivation, started exercising and decided on the newest diet regime that was going to work for them, here comes the beachbody look!!!! Of course sometimes this would be successful and they'd lose weight and feel fitter finally getting back into those jeans…..but eventually they'd have a drop off, begin to think more about chips or br...
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After suffering for years with TMJ jaw pain caused by teeth clenching I was advised by my oral facial consultant to try some hypnotherapy sessions as he believed my teeth clenching was stress related. I had tried everything from medication, ...

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I feel like I am a tree of potential, and that you have helped me to see each branch and to open new buds, to flower and grow.

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I went to see Tom having suffered with a phobia of food for as long as I can remember. After just a few sessions with Tom, I feel free, for what feels like the first time in my life I can now go to a restaurant with my partner, without worrying if I will be able to eat anything. I have also ...

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