How does Hypnotherapy help with weight management?

What we understand is that maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult to do, particularly as we lead such busy and sometimes stressful lives. We know that when we are tired and rushed we might begin to crave a hit of dopamine - sugar, carbs etc. 

It is also understood that with stress and anxiety comes Cortisol, this naturally produced chemical can become an influence on our appetites, very often increasing our sub-conscious desire to eat and store foods as we begin to operate within a fight, flight, freeze status. We also know that as we produce a little more fat cells, or Adipose tissue we then produce mors Leptin hormone. Leptin is the hormone that helps our brain know that we are full, however when we produce more Leptin we can become de-sensitised to that sensation of feeling full and so our brain thinks we need more food than we actually do. 

Of course, we all know what the answer to a healthy weight management lifestyle is to move more, become a little (or a lot) more active, and to eat better. Using our conscious mind this is do-able for periods of time however we have all heard the phrase "I have no will power". 

Well the wonderful thing about the work of solution focused hypnotherapy is that we work on developing a different approach. We look at the whole lifestyle, finding ways for you to build confidence, to feel happy  and positive and to alter eating behaviours, without the need for prescribed diets. When we are in that mindset we have the capacity to make good healthy choices easily and naturally, to become more active because that's what we want to do and doing it in a way that is enjoyable and suits your lifestyle.

Solution focused hypnotherapy can be highly effective in weight management for more information contact me to book into your FREE initial consultation and start making positive changes for the future you want. 



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After suffering for years with TMJ jaw pain caused by teeth clenching I was advised by my oral facial consultant to try some hypnotherapy sessions as he believed my teeth clenching was stress related. I had tried everything from medication, ...

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I feel like I am a tree of potential, and that you have helped me to see each branch and to open new buds, to flower and grow.

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